Lynn Slater was a inventor of core parts of the E.piphany marketing product and is a co-holder of a key patent. At E.piphany he did whatever was needed to make the company successful. To establish company credibility, he took over professional services and QA to oversee timely completion of the initial deployments. He then established a successful sales paradigm and co-sold and the first year of sales. Growth required that others learn how to successfully deploy, so Lynn established a training center and personally taught the first 300 students. He then took over the industry applications area to create ready to deploy pre-built solutions. The core product was in trouble so he re-joined core engineering and took over metadata and standards. To enable a global market, Lynn created E.piphany's internalization technology. He then left E.piphany and contracted at Cisco to study how marketing groups could best use this CRM product. He expanded into lead management and acted as the technical liaison driving business process changes.

He has been a Director of Architecture at Filoli Information Systems, a company providing a distributed workers compensation application, and at Sapient, a systems integration company. He served at TRW as an architect from initial conception to deployment on a project to re-engineer and modernize a huge data collection process and to build a terabyte scale data warehouse for the National Council on Compensation Insurance.

Previously, Lynn has created a Smalltalk development environment, was an early joiner and senior contributor to Independence Technologies, a company developing OLTP middleware and applying it to a large scale distributed insurance pharmaceutical drug claim processing system. Here, he developed a C++ object-relational interface, an ETL product, and established a robust software development environment. Working in the defense industry, Lynn developed an application for natural language queries against very large databases. He has also developed computer aided engineering graphical editors, developed and deployed successful expert system for computer software failure analysis, and developed an early computer aided software engineering environment (CASE) and computer language.

Lynn graduated magna cum laude in 1983 from Texas A&M University after paying his way through school with a variety of management information systems positions and positions as an IBM systems programmer. He hasĀ 25 years of professional experience in a wide variety of programming languages and on environments ranging from mainframes to personal computers., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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